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The Madden Pros

Anthony antcap Capparelli

Antcap has been playing Madden since the early days of the franchise. He has built a reputation for creativity on offense with unique route combinations that always seem to be one step ahead of the meta.

Antcap is the founder of Smart Madden, a website and YouTube channel both dedicated to Madden strategy. He has been helping Madden players improve their game since 2014.

Drini Gjoka

With over $300,000 in career earnings, Drini has been the most dominant player of the MCS era and is arguably the greatest Madden player of all time.

Drini seems to have no weakness when it comes to competitive Madden. He is consistently one of the best offensive and defensive players every season and he always seems to find a way to win at the highest levels of the game.

Dwayne Cleff Wood II

Cleff is an offensive powerhouse. He's known as the surgeon for his unmatched precision and his ability to dissect the best defenses in competitive Madden.

Cleff is a regular on the MCS stage and the champion of Madden 19 Dreamhack Dallas. In addition to competing, he has a huge following as one of the most popular Madden streamers on Twitch.

Hassan Gos Spall

Gos is most widely known as the Madden 18 Club Champion. He's one of the top offensive strategists in competitive Madden every season and is known as the offensive coordinator of his crew.

Gos always seems to be one step ahead of his opponents. He repeatedly takes advantage of short yardage routes to set up big plays later.

Noah NoahUpNxt Johnson

NoahUpNxt is one of the best defensive players in the world and he has the belt to prove it. He won the Madden 20 Challenge by defeating many of the best players in the world including Cleff, Wesley, Kiv, Gos and more.

NoahUpNxt is a rising star of the MCS circuit and has a bright future ahead of him.

Frank Stiff Sardoni

Stiff is the Madden NFL 16 world champion. He defeated several of Madden's best players and ultimately Eric "Problem" Wright in the championship match by a score of 37-21 to take home the title.

Stiff has been playing competitively since Madden 13 and quickly climbed his way to the top of the competitive Madden world.

Trey Thomas

Trey dominates Madden Ultimate Team. He's consistently on top of the leaderboards of MUT Seasons and Weekend League. Going into a new season, he's expecting to make the leap to success on the MCS stage.

Trey is known for his dominant offense that spreads out the opposing defense and is always one adjustment ahead.

Alex Banks iQ Harter

Banks iQ went from a casual Madden player to qualifying for the Redskins Club Championship and racking up Friday Night Football wins in just one year.

Banks iQ credits a lot of this success to the advanced stickwork he has developed for the open field which he has become widely known for.

Matthew Mattstergamer Lee

Mattstergamer found MCS success beginning with his deep run in Madden 2017 Challenge. Since then, he has continued to win big games with his unorthodox style that always seems to go against the meta.

Mattstergamer understands the inner-workings of Madden in a way that few others do and he uses that knowledge to gain an edge on his opponents.